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EBM Condenser Fan W3G300-BV25-23

Brand Name: EBM
OE NO. : W3G300-BV25-23
Voltage: 26V
Warranty: One Year
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Introduction of EBM W3G300-BV25-23 Fan

The W3G300-BV25-23 fan brushless fan has a longer warranty period. Our company chooses the best domestic nylon material. The longer it is used, the better the toughness. The balance of the fan is lower than 80MG at the factory, and no waste is mixed.

Parameter of EBM W3G300-BV25-23 Fan

Mass 2 kg
Size 300 mm
Material of impeller PA plastic
Material of wall ring PA plastic
Number of blades 7
Direction of air flow V"
Direction of rotation Clockwise, seen on rotor
Type of protection IP 24 KM; (Motor); electronics IP 66 / 69 K
Insulation class "B"
Humidity class F4-1
Max. permissible ambient motor
temp. (transp./ storage)
+110 °C
Min. permissible ambient motor
temp. (transp./storage)
-40 °C
Mounting position Any
Condensate discharge holes None, open rotor
Operation mode S1
Motor bearing Ball bearing
Technical features - Direction of rotation selection counter-clockwise / clockwise
- Fault output (high-side switch max. 30 mA)
- Output limit
- Motor current limit
- Soft start
EMC directives ECE R10 Rev.3
Electrical leads With plug
Motor protection Reverse polarity and locked-rotor protection
Cable exit Lateral
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